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Colorful Shorts

Hannah, Freshman

ASULike It Featured by Payton-Alexis

The talented and brilliant Payton-Alexis has featured ASULike It in her blog. She's recently taken a trip to New York for Fashion Week and worked backstage at Nicole Miller.  Everyone check out a wonderful designer's blog here!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to ASULike it


This is a blog celebrating the people of Boone who ignore the hills and chills to express themselves in what they wear. 

I have the "something shiny!" complex when it comes to fashion. When I'm walking around town and I see someone who looks great, I'll stop mid-sentence and go "oooh nice shoes!" It's a fascination (and kind of an obsession) that I want to share with everyone.

Obviously, we aren't all wearing floor-length gowns (like this one by Payton-Alexis Brown, senior). But if you've got something great on, I want to recognize you for it.  

This blog is for Boone.

(Me, Meg, in a Payton-Alexis Brown skirt and feather necklace from the Apparel Management and Design 2011 Fashion Show)