Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Look From My Closet

 I've been asked why I don't post pictures of my style recently, and I thought since it's Fashion Week in New York I'd give it a go.
 The scarf is McQ by Alexander McQueen. The shirt is from Lucky Penny.
 These Miu Miu glitter sandals are my life right now. I got them for a steal at Anna Banana's. They're highly impractical (4-inches, exactly). My roommates laugh when they see me walking around the apartment trying to break them in!
I usually grab this J Crew bag first when I'm going out at night. It fits more than just a stick of gum and a debit card. The bracelets are a mix of H&M and from my mom's closet.

 I'll try to do these posts more often, it was fun! 
Enjoy the weather!

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