Saturday, November 17, 2012

So I Got This New Jacket...

 ...and I'm doing my happy dance.
 This tropical number is from I ordered it a couple of weeks ago from Shop It To Me and I've been waiting to share it with all of you. 

The jacket is my homage to Saved By the Bell - the washed out blues and pinks give it a worn-in, old school look and it is UH-dorable. I mean ya'll, come on. The vintage dress is from Anna Banana's, my go-to, as I am their Digital Diva of all things Facebook-related.
 Anywho, I ordered it small so I could layer it underneath a larger, warmer jacket. Buttoned up it fits like a shirt, but unbuttoned it's a fun alternative to a sweater. I should also add that I didn't break the bank on this little number, it was $50 with shipping. Fresh, affordable, and made in the U.S.A?! It's what 'murica is all about, people!

 Paired with it I chose a ring from Lucky Penny. Looks a little bit like rock candy, and it's shiny. And I love shiny. The gloves are from French Connection and the necklace is from Ivy and Leo in Charlotte. Bracelet is from Nordstrom.

There are a gazillion ways to wear printed denim with black pants, and yes, I am suggesting you update the Canadian tuxedo of denim on denim. It's no different from a printed shirt save for the textiles used. If you're thinking "WHOA, Meg, this is like, way too intense for me right now, you are like, crazy," then calm down and try a printed short with tights or even just a colored jean. The take-home-and-save-for-tomorrow's-breakfast message of all this is think outside the box!

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